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Who am I?

In certain circles I am a renowned professional Canadian photographer; a 20 year yeteran of my craft. My artwork has been seen by millions, my clients top tier, and I dance between the world of art and commercial work.

I’m college educated in the traditional art of photography in film and was among the top students of my class. I moved to Toronto in 2001 with big dreams of fashion and magazines. I landed hard and stagnated for the first few years under a sense of disillusionment. I was a lot less special than I thought I was going to be and I was just a blip on the radar to many people. Broke and struggling to advance my portfolio I settled into a period of obscurity working as an assistant to a famous photographer behind the scenes. My growth wasn’t the glamorous adventure I thought it would be but I found my success in the next years of my career through endless e-commerce products photos on a white background. Through that grind I helped lift many major brands out of stores into the web economy.

However I’d lost all sense of being an artist. I was just a catalog photographer waiting for life to happen to me. I felt imposter syndrome all along. My self image of being the next Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, or Helmut Newton were in disarray. Years of working commercial photography and I was unable to feel pride in what I was doing because it was all too easy and too boring. I needed even a modest sense of of risk, adventure, over commitment, and desperation in the act of creating photos for me to feel worthy. I feel that taking risks is a big part of what separates “a person with a camera” and a Photographer.

Things changed for me in 2010 when I decided to take some risks. The first was diving headfirst into the Burning Man event to photograph the surreal art in the difficult landscape it takes place in.   Year after year I went back and noticed significant development in my skills, intuitions, perspective, and grit as an artist.

Inspired by these adventures I began expanding my risks and travelling to new regions of the globe.  I’ve since had many fulfilling adventures to events like these, visited remote landscapes, studied natural disaster areas, and touched down  on several continents adventuring for my craft. 

I am Andrew Miller and I am an Awesome Photographer. My journey has just begun. 

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