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Who am I?

Andrew Miller is a Canadian photographer; a 24 year veteran of the craft. His artwork has been seen by millions online, exhibited on several continents and in all 4 hemispheres.  

Trained in traditional film photography in the era where digital imaging was just taking off, he graduated near the top of his class in Nova Scotia.   Moving to Toronto in 2001 Andrew soon found himself apprenticed under legendary photographer Joy von Tiedemann. He accompanied Joy on numerous shoots documenting the homes and lives of Canada's rich and famous before branching off on his own to pursue clients within the growing e-commerce industry.  He helped several iconic Canadian fashion and jewellery brands launch their e-commerce platforms.

Andrew admits losing his artist self for a few years caught between the commercial work and investing in expensive camera equipment.  Things changed for him when he dove headfirst into the Burning Man art festival.  Over the past 12 years he has fully immersed in a study of photography and it's relationship to the subject matter it documents. When photographing a piece of art or a performance - where does one art end and the photography art begin? 

Andrew also ventured for a time into a community of fire performers and circus artists eventually producing a circus festival in Toronto early 2015. This event provoked much European travel and networking beforehand leading him to fall in love with Iceland and spending some time there studying the landscapes. It also led to a strange adventure where Andrew ended up photographing the creator of Ethereum when he was only 19 years old and had just finished the first version of the code. These have become a foundation for a significant NFT auction in 2022.

Andrew moved to Montreal in 2018 to be closer to the circus community as well as to collaborate with character and bodypaint artist Lorie Hamel. Now in 2022 Andrew is exploring the unique world of NFT art which has led him to produce a Ukrainian art fundraiser slated for launch in September. 

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