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I have the equipment to do custom prints in studio. This is by far more expensive and involved for everyone. I am happy to do it and sign the art before shipping from Canada, but I do suggest ordering through this site as easier and more affordable. 

You can order prints through this website. This website provides access to 3 print houses in the USA and 1 in the UK. Smugmug serves as the web host and print ordering operating system. They charge a set price mark up on the wholesale cost of the print order and I currently do not have the ability to modify this mark up. The print house takes their cut, smugmug a slice, and I whatever is left over. 

Some images are limited access for copyright reasons.

In the case of Burning Man images the artwork will never be made available for mass impersonal consumption. You must establish a rapport with me as a potential patron before I give access to those artworks. It's a cultural thing from the Burning Man community and I am happy to explain. All proceeds from those artworks are reinvested in the creation of more burner art. 


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