An honest philosophical discussion about commercial work. Am I affordable? The simple answer is yes ... depending. 

I charge what I am worth but adapt the price higher for more more difficult jobs. I go lower if the job is easier, charitable, or involves a business just starting out.  Speak respectfully to me at all times and I will always be more pliable. As always copyright resides with me unless otherwise purchased.


My "Man with a camera" price to show up and document is $200 per hour. This tends to be for small daytime events, scouting shoots, natural light portraits etc.   My minimum is 3 hours typically except for charities or individual portrait sessions.


My price for e-commerce product photography on a basic white background is $20 a product (minimum 20 at this price).  It is always better to have a price you can count on than not knowing how long it will take to shoot. It certainly improved my client relations at invoice time since the price never suddenly spiked up. 


I dislike photography practices that charge more for weddings. Weddings do not suddenly cost more but I do require a second shooter who will get paid extra. Trust me the more eyes and angles the better.  Weddings might require more equipment and complex logistics so I will assess at the time if there are any alterations to my rate. 


Price scales up based on the level of professional work demanded.  I've done the more chill laid back  $600 shoots and then I've done commercial campaign shoots using my $50,000 medium format camera, portable studio lighting on location that was over $5000 for a day. If they had purchased a copyright buyout it would have been priced over $10,000.  

I will always give my best assessment of what the job requires and if a client decides against my advice I will pass on the job most likely. 

Price quotes are like acrobatics. You stretch and bend until you feel comfortable. 

I've quoted a Government agency a sliding salary rate that rewarded them for using me only part time. I prefer a light schedule and low stress over a busy practice. In the end I work with clients to feel valued and to achieve a work life balance. 

I have proposed barter with clients who had assets or services I needed like vehicle manufacturers, housing supplies etc. My current life goals include building a Tiny House cabin and I'm actively seeking a trailer manufacturer who needs photography  for example. 

My hourly shooting rate does not incur extra fees for basic processing and delivery. That is included. File storage is also included for 1 year. 

Starting with the $200 an hour base calculation - Longer days and multi day projects get discounts. More complex projects and responsibilities may incur additional planning hours, rentals, or team members. I am a craftsman with many years experience, integrity, and many expensive tools of the trade. I prefer to work half the time with clients, the other half quietly with my art so I have lots of free head space to handle each client, and can adapt to busy spikes.

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