My Gear

Gear I have as of December 2021 

I recently became an affiliate for a product brand I love. I have a lot of back strain and some heavy cameras. I work a lot of festivals like Burningman and the Montreal Circus festival so I need the best solution for carrying gear.

Cotton Carrier makes many great belts, clips, harness, and other camera carrying tools that you just have to see. I Used to have the body harness and now have the waist belt, clip, and lens bucket. 

Using coupon code AwesomePhotography should net you 10% off and I'll get a kickback also. This link also could work directly.


Medium Format Camera - PhaseOne IQ180 with an XF Body. Wide angle and Macro Lenses.  Amazing studio and daylight quality. 

A Canon 5D Mark IV - L Series pro Wide Angle Zoom, Telephoto zoom, and Macro lenses.

The best workhorse I've ever had. 

Studio and Portable Lighting system 

Hensel portable lighting packs

Cactus and Canon camera top flashes with remote triggers.

A plethora of stands, light modifiers, and reflectors.


Macbook Pro laptop

Windows PC workhorse tower.


Waterproof housings, years of cables, filters, accessories used on rare occasions.

Last but not least I own a vehicle and have extensive experience driving across the continent for all sorts of jobs. 

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